Meaningful engagement with our waterfront is strongly dependent on our ability to access it. Anacortes has long been respected as a maritime destination and hub for boating enthusiast the world around. State of the art of marinas and a thriving commercial/industrial port are testaments to what our city has to offer; however, in the midst of this booming culture it is critical to preserve and advance the interests of small recreational users such as rowers, paddlers, sailors and other trailer oriented seafarers. This is why the AWA has made it a priority to develop innovative storage and launching facilities for small boats.

North Basin Boat Storage Yard: Adjacent to P/Q Dock at Cap Sante Marina, this gated, dry-storage area is for mast-up sailboats, kayaks, and other human- and sail-powered craft. The convenience of the location, reasonable rates, and annual discount make it an attractive option for small-boat owners in the area.

North Basin Hoist: The small-boat hoist installed at P/Q Dock at Cap Sante Marina now handles boats up to 4,000 lbs and its strategic location at the end of a wide fixed pier makes approaching the lift simple and safe. The pier also allows access for vessels with deeper drafts and our electric trailer dolly makes handling excessive tongue weight a breeze. AWA members and storage-yard tenants have access to the hoist at a reduced rate after approved AWA hoist training.

Dinghy Dock and Kayak Storage: Our dinghy floats are securely fixed to the east side of Q dock at Cap Sante Marina and offer an extremely convenient storage solution for smaller vessels which can be pulled directly onto the float. Popular with sailing dinghies, row boats, and tenders; this is a fast and easy way to keep your boat high and dry for the season.  

Seafarers' Memorial Park: AWA representatives participated in the creation of a safe, friendly hand-launching facility for small boats at the park. This development has served the needs of many small boating sub-communities including The Anacortes Radio Control Sailors, Lido Fleet 78, Anacortes Youth Dynamics, Anacortes Sea Scouts, OARS and Parks and Rec sailing programs. This facility has also become the home of many local small boating events and festivals such as the annual Pull And Be Damned small boat messabout, The Pacific Challenge, Paddlefest, and Lido 14 Nationals.


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