Mission Statement

Enabling meaningful interaction with our community's waterfront through the preservation of public access and the development of inclusive programs

Your Community, Your Waterfront


The Anacortes Waterfront Alliance (AWA) is a non profit organization which is committed to serving the waterfront needs of the Anacortes Public. We maintain past accomplishments and affect positive future development through our three core values: Access (Waterfront engagement and storage solutions), Community (Creating inclusive waterfront programs), and Advocacy (A unified voice for the small boating community.  

The AWA is passionate about being the “conduit” between our diverse community and the incredible waterfront resources and experiences that our miraculous geography offers. In a timeless sentiment from The Wind in the Willows, Author Kenneth Grahame suggests that “there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”. For the individuals behind the AWA, our own experiences have led us to the same profound realization and we have made it our personal duty to ensure that these opportunities are available to anybody who might desire them.




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